vrijdag 1 januari 2016

Curly Sue's Party under the stars

First, I want to wish everybody A very Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year!!
I've been so busy colouring, and forgot to make something nice with the coloured figures.
One of the most festive digi's Heather Valentine created is Curly Sue's Party onder the Stars (she's available on: http://lacysunshine.weebly.com/store/p1815/Curly_Sue_-_Party_Under_The_Stars.html.

She is also a part of the very first coloring site from Heather; Jolly Holiday, Set 1 Coloring Pages.
From my stack I choosed very bright orange and yellow cardstock and with glittering gold paper and a star die from Joy Design I made the stars behind the banner. Here in Holland there is a rather cheap shop, and they often have very neat carstok for a very low price...Love that!!
This is the colorrecepi with the colors used and of course the card:

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