donderdag 14 januari 2016

Mardi Gras Lacy Sunshine

Hi, blogfriends,
What we here in Europe call Carnaval, is in the America's Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday.
And there is a big difference in how people all over the world celebrathe these days, Mostly everybody is wearing a costume, i.e The Venetian Masks, A kind of white sheets in Belgium and in the southern part of the Netherlands, where I'm from, people ware all kind of things, from beautiful costumes to old curtains.... It is a big social event, with parades, big balls, and so on..53 years ago I met my husband, and since that day we are together.
I colored Eleanor and pickles to figure in a MardiGras card. I colored them with copics, and because the Dutch carnaval colors are green, yellow and red, I added some garlands in those colors. The card has the shape of the special hat Prince Cranaval is wearing, in Dutch they call it "steek". I cannot find a pproper translation for it, I think "sting"isn't the right word..It really is a hat for the Prince of Carnaval, who is in charge of everything during the days of Carnaval.

I hope you like this card and it would be nice to read your comments!

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